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BES Supported Report on IFEA Meeting 2010

The BES supported the travel of one of our members, Gareth Calvert, to Athens for the IFEA meeting in 2010. During Foundation Training I began research into the 'Availability of manufacturers' information on efficacy and compatibility of detergents used for cleaning dental instruments'. On completion of the research my enthusiasm for Endodontics lead me to submit an abstract to IFEA's 8th World Endodontic Congress in Athens, 6th-9th October 2010. The deadline for acceptance approached and passed and I was sorry to think I'd been unsuccessful. A few days later while checking my junk mail, I was surprised and delighted to find a letter from IFEA confirming an oral presentation and the opportunity to share in 'Endodontics based on Evidence' with 962 international delegates! The scientific programme included speakers world renowned, beginning with Professor Ingle's charming account of endodontics past, including Walt Disney's first movie which happened to be dentally based. The first full day focused mainly on new, exciting technical developments and potential research areas in pulpal regeneration provided by Prof. Hargreaves and Dr. Nakashima. The subsequent sessions focused heavily around evidence for current endodontic practice, with captivating presentations from Profs Schafer, Abbott and Perez regarding 'mechanical preparation', 'root canal filling' and 'disinfection of endodontic microbiology' respectively. Other thought-provoking speakers included Dr Sequeria discussing endodontic systematic reviews, and the President of the British Endodontic Society, Dr. Lloyd providing a clinician's view on rotary instrumentation. Out with this veritable feast of learning there was so much remaining to discover, lectures on 3-D imaging, instrumentation methods, trauma and a comprehensive list of poster presentations available. To top this off, a trade show was running in parallel, exhibiting a host of new technology including a new SAF reciprocating hand piece system. While I was thoroughly enriched by the scientific content, the highlight for me came on the third day, to experience the excitement and slight anxiety associated with proudly presenting research during an international conference - material I'd worked on relentlessly over the past year, not least in developing the slide show itself. It was well received, and even managed to get a laugh with some light hearted humour I included. While in Athens I took the opportunity to experience its rich culture. The land marks, museums, and markets filled the city with a fabulous atmosphere using the Acropolis as their back drop. Best seen in my opinion by night from the hotel's roof bar, this was complemented by what can only be described as beautiful Greek cuisine. At this point I would like to express my deep appreciation for funding provided by the British Endodontic Society. This undoubtedly assisted me to attend the conference were I have grown both in knowledge and skill through the experience of presenting on an international stage. In addition I would also like to thank Professors Smith and Murray from Glasgow Dental Hospital who assisted me with the research. Gareth Calvert The BES does not endorse any news item listed on its website or accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information found herein. It is also not liable to the users of this information or anyone else for any decisions made or actions taken in reliance of this information
8 March 2011

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