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IFEA Elections 2018

Nomination Form

For IFEA Officers and Regent Directors: 2018-2020


I am a current dues paying member of my national endodontic society/association which is a current dues paying member of IFEA, and I wish to nominate the following person(s) for the designated position(s) within IFEA for the 2018-2020 period of office.


The nominated person(s) has/have agreed to be nominated and is/are willing to serve the members of IFEA according to the By-Laws of the Federation.


My nominations are (please print clearly; more than one nomination is acceptable):


President elect: ______________________    ___________     ________________                                       Name                                                                 Country                                    E-mail Address

Secretary: __________________________     ___________     ________________

Treasurer: __________________________     ___________     ________________

Regent Directors of (you may only nominate a regent from your geographic area)

Africa:       _______________________     ___________     ________________

Asia:          _______________________     ___________     ________________

Europe:     _______________________     ___________     ________________

North America: __________________     ___________     ________________

South America: __________________     ___________     ________________

Oceania:   _______________________     ___________     ________________

Name of nominating person: ____________________________________________

                                                                    (Please print your name clearly)

Name of your country Endodontic Society/Association : ______________________________


Your Signature: ____________________________Date: _____________________



Please see details of elections for IFEA Committee posts 2018  

17 April 2018   More...

Our Spring Scientific Meeting 2018

Here's a summary of our recent meeting which was well attended (to the maximum capacity again this year!), held in London in March 2018.

9 April 2018   More...

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