British Endodontic Society Grants to Study Clubs

The BES is able to offer financial support for the establishment and running of endodontic study clubs.

Application criteria are as follows:

  • Applications will be accepted from endodontic study clubs based in the United Kingdom that wish to set up, or are already established. The principle applicant should be a member of the British Endodontic Society, and priority will be given to groups who can demonstrate that they have difficulty in securing funding from regional postgraduate deaneries.
  • Set up and running cost grants will be dependent on study club size and activity. Maximum set up funding is £1500.00.
  • Applications for funding should be made in writing to the Hon Secretary and outline potential activities (frequency and type of meetings) and membership numbers. Wherever possible a projected annual budget should be provided including details of room hire, speaker fees and expenses etc.
  • Supported clubs are expected to promote the BES in a reasonable and responsible manner. The society will provide membership information and application material, and will endeavour to send a representative from BES council to opening meetings.
  • Applications are to be assessed by BES council which reserves the right to decline funding at its discretion.

Please apply to the Honorary Secretary via the website.