The British Endodontic Society Est 1963

On 19th June 1962 a letter was published in the British Dental Journal from Dr Hans Orlay, inviting colleagues to contact him to discuss the formation of a society devoted to the study of endodontics. From the response to this letter an inaugural meeting was organised for 16th January 1963 leading to the beginning of The British Endodontic Society. Click here for more on the history of the BES.

The object of the British Endodontic Society is to promote and advance endodontology to ensure that the dental and general health of the nation is both maintained and improved, and that life long education is encouraged and facilitated.

The Society holds a Spring Scientific Meeting in London and a weekend Regional Meeting in the Autumn. These programmes of lectures by UK and overseas speakers, demonstrations and social gatherings enable members to keep abreast of current trends and provide an ideal forum for the interchange of ideas.

The British Endodontic Society aims to support:

  • High quality assurance of endodontic treatment
  • Research in the field of endodontics
  • Undergraduate elective period projects in endodontics
  • Continuing education for dentists

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